Mentoring Ohio State University Students with AFFORDABLE Development.

The AFFORDABLE development team has been hard at work designing and developing the AFFORDABLE network. Using our team of volunteers, we have been coding the necessary elements for a high-speed scalable network for both users and organizations that want to integrate their applications systems into AFFORDABLE. As the vision has continue to expand, we realized what an enormous task we have undertaken by trying to incorporate HIPAA security standards, data encryption, advanced application queries, payment processing, bank transfers, and dynamic registration forms.

Building AFFORDABLE has been a tremendous learning experience for us this far, and we decided that the process would be an important learning experience for others trying to enter industry as computer scientists and engineers. Hence, we have looked to students studying the field to become a part of the AFFORDABLE team as part of their training.

Explaining our goals, we garnered the interest of teachers and students at The Ohio State University Department of Computer Science. We the help of Professor Ramasamy, we helped coordinating our expectations with that of their practical applications course which has students take on real world problems and use their training to meet development plans.

Through the program, we had four students for the Fall 2018 semester: Rupam, Avishek, Steve, and Sangram. They coordinated with us to develop and refine our security system for individual users with great success. We enjoyed mentoring and guiding these students over the course of the semester and wish them the best with their future careers. We are extremely appreciative of your hard work and will remember you as our first cohort of student developers at The Ohio State University.

We hope to have many more students continue to build the platform, and we are always open to other interested individuals who want to get involved. Feel free to reach out to or!

We have included information about these students below, and what where they have continued their careers after their work with AFFORDABLE.

Rupam Kundu

Rupam Kundu is presently working towards his Master’s degree at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University, USA. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. His area of interests spans Networking, Indoor Localization & Navigation, Assistive Technologies for Visually Impaired and Automated Vehicles. He has also published his research ideas and works in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Apart from research, his interest includes both frontend and backend software development.

Avishek Banerjee

I am currently a 2nd Year Ph.D. in CSE at The Ohio State University. My major is in Computer Networking and Systems Development. I got my Bachelor’s degree from Jadavpur University, India in the Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.  I have interests in both back-end and front-end development apart from my research work. I am looking forward for internships in this domain that will increase my expertise in the development domain. I came to know about the Affordable Project from the Capstone Course I took this semester. Affordable is a perfect platform that will both help me to learn and increase my expertise in this field.

Sangram Grewal

Current Employment (2019)- Booz Allen Hamilton-Cloud Engineer

My name is Sangram Grewal and I’m a 5th year senior in the Computer and Information Science program. I’m originally from near Washington, D.C. and am a proud Buckeye by choice. In the past, I’ve gotten the opportunity to develop mobile applications and do a little front-end development for web applications. The AFFORDABLE project attracted me because one of the mobile applications I helped develop was also in the healthcare field, specifically designed to help combat the national opioid crisis. Upon graduation, I hope to move back home and break into the field of cybersecurity. I’m also interested in learning about cyber-law and related legal topics in the field of information technology. Outside of school and work, I’m a huge fan of the NBA and stand-up comedy, and love to watch both live. I’m looking forward to supporting the AFFORDABLE team in bringing a systems-based healthcare approach to improving the lives of vulnerable socioeconomic populations this semester!

Steve Kwon

For the past three years, I had worked as a student research assistant, and implemented Unmanned Air Vehicle Controlling system by using Java and logical concept. As a front-end experience, I’ve used Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I also have an experience in terms of development of Android mobile application by using Android Studio.

Computer Science Students at The Ohio State University. (left to right) Sangram Grewal, Avishek Banerjee, Alex Campbell (AFFORDABLE), Rupam Kundu, Steve Kwon.

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